Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello world


This is the first example of PLGMAPS. It will demonstrate how to integrate an "Hello World map" into an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application. You don't need to understand JavaScript or the Google Maps API to add maps to your APEX applications.

I take into consideration that you have read the following white paper of Oracle.
Integrating Oracle Application Express with Google Maps

1) Create a Substitution String to store your Google Maps API Key value.

2) 3 things to add on the Hello World Map page

3) Page attributes - HTML body attribute
This code will load/unload the map. For more technical information, read the "reducing browser memory leaks" from the Google Map API Concepts documentation.

4) PL/SQL Region - PLGMAPS code
This is where you will add the calls to PLGMAPS package to generate the JavaScript code.

5) HTML Region - Hello World Map
This is where you set the width and height of your map.

6) Example

Wow! That was easy... more advanced features to come ;)

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